Life + Business coaching

Growing your business means growing yourself.


I’m Michaella O’Connor.

I’m a life + business coach for personal and professional development and transformation.

My specialty is helping service-based women like you create successful, sustainable businesses—the kind that give you fulfillment, fun, and the freedom to create a life that brings you joy.


Women come to me because they have big dreams, but they’re burned out from trying to go it alone. They’re spinning their wheels and struggling to do things like:

  • hit significant financial targets (like replacing their corporate salaries)

  • sell the services that light them up (rather than taking odd jobs to pay the bills)

  • speak the truth about what they really want (at work, at home, and in life)

So if you’re beating your head against the wall, doing the “right things” but not getting results, I’ve got good news:

There is a better way.

A way that allows you to serve at higher levels, with more professionalism and integrity, minus the strain, depletion, and constant self-criticism that robs you of your peace.  

I built my dream life (and six-figure coaching practice) using this better way. Trust me, you can too.

The truth is, every chapter in your work and life requires courageous steps forward.

Consider this the loving ass-kicking that finally helps you do it.