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You’ve always been a go-getter.


You are one of those women who crushes it in her career. You became an entrepreneur because you wanted more fulfilling work and a more flexible lifestyle. Your plan was always to serve your clients deeply without sacrificing yourself.

But somehow you’re working harder than ever. Your to-do list never ends. Social media posts, webinars, website copy—it’s endless and exhausting. Despite all you’re doing, clients are inconsistent. You can barely keep up, yet you’re barely scraping by.

You are so ready move past the stage of “full-time side hustle” and “expensive hobby”. You hate spinning your wheels, but what really sucks is being out of integrity with yourself. You’re not working out or going on date nights or spending time with your kids or your friends. Somehow work has swallowed your life and you’ve got no results to show for it.

Girl, I hear you. And let’s slow this down.


I’m on a mission to inspire you to stand in possibility. To help you know, deep down in your bones, that you can create whatever you want.

The life you have is one you created. And you have the power to change it.

Over the last ten years, I’ve coached hundreds of women all around the world.

After all this time, I can tell you that effort is not the missing piece.

The biggest difference between women who spin in circles and those who rocket ahead is their willingness to take complete ownership in their businesses and lives.

To be clear: Ownership is not about blame. It’s about taking responsibility for your outcomes and working with life, not against it.

It’s about taking action, receiving feedback, and working with that information—without making it mean anything about you.

Most of all, it’s about understanding that life really loves you. Nothing is bad; everything serves a purpose. Whatever happens is happening for you, not to you...

Whether you want a booming business, financial success, weight loss, a marriage, a new career, a book, or a TED Talk—you can make it happen.

But you must be willing to take ownership, stay in the game, and go deep into what’s not working on the inside as much as the outside.

And you don’t have to do it alone.


I’m here to help you do the work that made my own dreams possible.


I created a multiple six-figure coaching practice leveraging the concept “minimum effort for maximum results.”

I created a flexible schedule so I can do what feels good in the moment—including spending three months a year traveling around the world.

I built rock-solid relationships with my husband and daughter, sharing fun and friendship and imperfect, messy, magnificent love.

Best of all, I know I can create anything I want—no matter what shows up in my life.

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I believe…

  • Happiness is an inside-out job.

  • Our outer circumstances reflect our inner reality.

  • Life, business, and parenting is an adventure. Especially the things that are hard.

  • Self-care isn’t self-indulgence. Self-care is self-respect.

  • Joy is walking your talk—living your life and running your business as your authentic self. (For me that means prioritizing my family, friends, and philanthropic work with women and girls.)

I believe these things because I have been where you are and I’ve seen the other side.


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

A newly certified coach, buzzing with excitement from her training program, dives headfirst into business-building. After months of social media posts, website building, online courses and free “sample sessions”, enthusiasm shifts to desperation.

Yep, that was me: spinning my wheels and staring down the barrel of my bank account. Despite busting my ass doing all the “right” things, I barely earned $14,000 my first year as a coach.

And you have to understand—that wasn’t my way. During the 13 years I worked for corporations and start-ups, I took every job knowing no one would do it better, faster, or more efficiently than me. I slept under my desk and pulled all-nighters. I worked sixteen-hour days. Whenever curiosity led me to a new industry, whether it was cellular or tech or public relations, I did all I could to master my chosen position and got financial rewards as a result.

So you can imagine my surprise when building a professional coaching practice came as such a challenge for me. I was passionate, and hungry, and working my ass off, yet I couldn’t get results.

Here I was, newly divorced with a toddler to care for, living in a house I could barely afford. I’d gone from earning six figures to below the poverty line. Despite manifesting the money to enroll in B-School, none of it moved the needle.  I’d been determined to walk my daughter to school—to stay present with her no matter what—but I remember thinking, “Fuck, I can’t do this. I’ve got to get a job.”

Then something incredible happened: I learned another way, a better way, the way I teach my clients now.

Once I found that, everything changed. I made $100,000 in less than a year, and it felt better and truer and of higher service to my clients than anything I’d done before. At the same time, I stopped being so attached to money and started trusting myself even more.

Since then, I’ve continued to evolve. I did my first group coaching program and broke multiple six figures. I ran a half-marathon and a cotton candy machine (not at the same time). I lost my mom, my gallbladder, and my dog. I got my Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and spent a month alone in Bali.

Coaching doesn’t require you to be perfect, but it requires you to dig inside. Working with my coach allows me to love myself more and others more, consistently improve my communication, and bring my best self to every part of my life.

Thanks to this work, my marriage isn’t perfect, but it’s fucking solid. My husband and I have so much love and friendship and fun.

The same is true with my daughter. We love to travel together, and snuggle and eat sushi and every so often she brings me flowers in the middle of my workday.

I call myself an adventurpreneur, and to me, the adventure is life. My family, friendships, and volunteering are pillars. My business is a financial engine and source of joy.

When I wake up each morning, I’m hungry for life—and thanks to this work, I experience all of it.

Are you ready for authentic success?

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Not so long from now, you may find yourself living a radically different life.

  • You may be serving clients more profoundly, and with more passion, than you ever have before.

  • You may be cruising past income goals without the depletion of self-sacrifice.

  • You may be living your version of authentic success: walking through the world knowing you can do anything your soul calls you to do.

Everything changes when you take complete ownership of your life and business.

It starts the moment you choose to really invest yourself and give yourself real support.

So what are you waiting for?

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Michaella O’Connor is a certified life and business coach for highly motivated, socially conscious entrepreneurs. Her special blend of love and ass-kicking has helped hundreds of women all over the world create consistent revenue and authentic success through personal and professional growth.  

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Michaella is a certified Co-Active Coach through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. She trained as a Breathwork specialist under David Elliot, and in 2018, she received her Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica, supplementing her decade of professional coaching experience with cutting-edge insights in psychology, healing, and consciousness.

Prior to becoming a professional coach, Michaella spent decades working with medium-sized businesses to create profitable strategies for growth. Fueled by curiosity and a passion for mastering the job in front of her, she helped develop companies in cellular, tech, and public relations, to name a few, before starting her own consulting business.

Now Michaella uses her wide range of tools and experience to provide tangible, practical support for clients navigating the day-to-day challenges of growing a flexible, freedom-based business and lifestyle.

When she’s not guiding women on the journey of holistic life + business growth and transformation, you can find her playing with her guide-dog-in-traning foster puppy, watching her husband play baseball, planning glorious European trips with her daughter, holding babies with the Pacific Post-Partum Support Society, or road-tripping with her Honda Rebel motorcycle.