You know how it feels to take the leap without a safety net.

To charge full steam ahead toward your goals.

But what if creating a freedom-based business and lifestyle didn’t have to be so hard?

What if…

… running a business didn’t feel like a shitstorm?

… you didn’t dread talking about money?

… you didn’t get punched by guilt and self-criticism whenever someone asks what you do?

… when the fear showed up you had a system and sisterhood helping you dance in the rain?


Enter Coaching Leadership Mastery: a group coaching program that takes your life and business to a whole new level of being.

I designed this program to fuel your success with a blend of community and adventure.

You get hands-on guidance for growing your business, radical travel adventures, and immersive support from a small mastermind of purpose-driven women like you.

This program works because it requires you to be 100% committed.

  • An accelerated wealth consciousness practice. Invite in more ease and abundance of wealth in just 33 days!

  • A comprehensive financial plan. Level up your income by getting clear on money you have, the money you want to bring in, and building a tracking system for your finances.

  • Laser-focused coaching calls. Bust through your roadblocks, stay on track, and connect with your mastermind sisters during group calls that include personalized coaching support.

  • Ongoing action and growth reports. Hold yourself accountable, reflect on your choices, and receive specific feedback from me to ensure that you are progressing and getting closer to the life + business you want to live.

  • 1:1 strategy development. Discover exactly where to spend your time to maximize results and run your business in a way that feels efficient and joyful.

  • Ongoing expert support. Elevate your business, spirituality, and success with insights and personalized help from me and my trusted circle of speakers.

  • Live retreats at gorgeous cities around the world. Catalyze your growth with exploration intensives that galvanize your business practice, strengthen your sisterhood, and create memories that far exceed our time together.


This is how you create a fulfilling, sustainable business—while building a lifestyle that supports who you really are.


I created this program because I believe you deserve to wake up excited every day.

You deserve to fill your practice with energizing, inspiring, high-paying clients who bring out the best in you.

Most of all, you deserve to live out your days fully immersed in your life—learning and growing and savoring the bliss of freedom.

Curious about taking this journey with me? the newest adventure could include you in it.