When you participate in one of my Breathwork workshops, you will:

  • Dissolve heavy energy trapped in your body, so you shed the weight of anxiety and emotional burdens

  • Release stubborn blocks in your mind and heart, so you heal old wounds and find new freedom

  • Tap into your inner wisdom and the quiet voice inside, so you make authentic decisions with ease and clarity

•Rebalancing of parasympathetic nervous system
•Enables relaxation and replenishing of one’s body and Being
•Detoxification of internal organs and improved circulation
•Learn from past challenges in your life
•Increased energy and aliveness
•Resolution of emotional blocks and experiences
•Release of old traumas
•Increased clarity
•Deeper connection to Self, Life and Others
•Grounded awareness in the physical body
•Increased Presence in one’s life

Please bring a water bottle, pillow, blanket and yoga mat. An eye mask can be nice too if you have one - and maybe a journal to capture the magic of the session before you leave.

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